Definition of the OLM Participation Program

The program was designed by the OLM Parish Education Committee (PEC) to assist parents in decreasing tuition fees but in return obtaining the family’s commitment to actively and consistently meet the obligations of the participation task assigned. This program plays an integral part in the operation of the school. The aim of the program is to create a spirit of community among families and staff working closely together to provide the best education and safest environment for our students.

Acceptance of a Family into the OLM Participation Program

The OLM PEC is under no obligation to meet the various time restrictions of the families participating; rather it is the families’ responsibility to meet the time requirements set and fulfill the tasks as assigned. Participation tasks are predetermined by the PEC and these are not to be confused or substituted by volunteering for other activities. (These are two separate activities.) Acceptance into the OLM Participation Program is not guaranteed and is dependent on:

1) If a returning family has previous years of consistent commitment.

2) Has a firm commitment been provided by the family that they can consistently be responsible for the task assigned and the time slotted to perform the task. The time is pre-determined and not negotiable.

3) Families must register via the online form on our website by April 30.

Participation Policy is as Follows:

1) Each family is expected to complete 20 parent participation hours per term, for a total of 60 hours per year, between the months of September through to June, and in some cases extending to the full 12 months depending on the task assigned. Term 1 runs from August 1st – November 30th; Term 2 runs from December 1st to March 31st; Term 3 runs from April 1st to July 31st .

2) If it has been determined that a family fails to complete the participation commitment for the term, they will be billed $16.67/hr for outstanding uncompleted time. It is the responsibility of each family to monitor their progress towards completing the minimum required hours per term.

3) At the time of registering via the online form on our website, each family is provided a list of possible areas of participation. The family prioritizes its preferences among the various areas of participation. It is not guaranteed that families will be assigned to the first option they submitted.

4) There are coordinators assigned in some areas of participation such as Church Cleaning, Maintenance, Hot Lunch, and Special Events. Coordinators will try their best to accommodate the preferences, most especially with the schedules, but there will be times when the school’s schedules may not coincide with the parents’ schedules. If this happens to be the case, parents may have to look for participation hours in other areas.

5) Participation hours will be recorded on the OnVolunteers website. Families will be assigned to activities and shifts will be scheduled accordingly. In the scenario where the assigned task does not necessarily fulfill the yearly time commitment, participating in other tasks may be required to meet your commitment. The “On Volunteer” system will track your hours completed; therefore, you can view your hours at anytime. Furthermore, a ‘Job board” on the web page will post available tasks to help you fulfill your commitment. Outside Supervision shifts will be available for registration through the website to all families looking to supplement their regular shift. The average hours worked per month are six (6) hours per month on a 10 month posting. It is the responsibility of each family to monitor their progress towards completing the minimum required hours per term.

6) If you are having difficulty completing your hours, it is your responsibility to contact the Parent Participation program coordinator for assistance as soon as possible.

7) If by September of the next school year your account is in arrears you will be moved from participating to non-participating. Consistent delinquency will result in permanent removal from the Parent Participation Program.

Substitutions in Case of Absenteeism

Advance notice must be provided to the assigned PEC member administering the Participation Program by either phone or email. Email is preferred as it provides a clear record of the notice being provided. It is neither the PEC member nor the school’s responsibility to fill your absent position – this is solely the responsibility of the individual that has accepted the position within the OLM Participation Program. Only a permanent vacancy will be filled by the PEC member responsible for the program.

The PEC and the school reserves the right to decline a substitution when it is deemed that the individual chosen does not exercise responsibility, reliability or maturity to fulfill the task on behalf of the pre-approved family. The PEC and school administration/staff are responsible for the safety of your children and the upkeep of the school. Action will be taken if there is any indication that either of these are at risk.

By clicking the link below, you are acknowledging that you have read the above and understand what you are agreeing to by asking to be accepted into the OLM Participation Program at Our Lady of Mercy School.

OLM Participation Program Sign-up Form