Communication between the school and the home is essential. It enables parents and
teachers to discuss the needs of the child. Concerns regarding any aspect of the child’s
development should be discussed immediately to ensure the child’s continued progress.
The school and the home must work together to provide the best possible learning
situation for the child. Parents and teachers are expected to always maintain open
communication as it is easier to handle a concern before it becomes a problem. 

At the beginning of the year, a Meet the Teacher evening is held to review policies,
discuss goals for the year, and introduce new staff. Parents are invited to meet their
child’s classroom teacher and learn about the academic program and expectations for
that grade. 

Other meetings may be called during the year to keep parents informed. Parents with
children in Grade 2 and/or Grade 7 are to attend all parent evenings and activities
associated with the Sacramental program taught in those grades. 

Newsletters are emailed throughout the school year. Please ensure that your email address is accurate and up to date with the school office.
Please read newsletters carefully as important information and dates are
communicated. Our website contains important calendar dates and reminders. Please
refer to it often.

The following are some important notices that you should be familiar with: