Welcome to Our Lady of Mercy’s Youthcat Program! Are you looking to further enhance your child’s religious understanding through worship? Youthcat makes worship come alive with a variety of activities, prayer techniques, storytelling, Bible videos, games and more!

The Youthcat after school club, with a religious theme, has been offered at Our Lady of Mercy school for close to 10 years. Youthcat was initiated under the principle that it operates as a non-profit club to our parents. The club runs during school days from 3:00pm – 6:30pm and has 3-4 staff persons providing a range of activities and supervision to the participants of this program. As the school has diligently expanded programs and activities, due to a variety of reasons, the demand for dedicated learning spaces and experienced staff has grown. As such, the area dedicated to the Youthcat program will be the school library specifically and the program will be staffed with an educational assistant staff person from 3:00-5:00pm and/or a head supervisor. Due to the increase in space requirements and safety, the Learning Resource Centre area will still be off-limits to youthcat.

As with the previous year, the cap for the number of pre-registration students will stay at 21. Although it is difficult to anticipate the number of drop-in students, decreasing the number of pre-registrations should increase the supervision to student ratio, thus providing a safer environment for staff and students. The fee structure for the 2023/2024 school year has been approved accordingly:

Pre-registration fees: $14/day
Drop-in fees: $17/day

There is no Youthcat on half days or Pro-D days, since the staff are scheduled based on the pre-registrations. We do not issue credits or refunds for missed days unless the school closes early due to unforeseen circumstances.

Youthcat takes place on school grounds and ALL students are expected to act and behave in accordance with the rules and policies of Our Lady of Mercy School. Staff are to be treated with the same respect as teachers and rules are to be followed. Please take a moment to remind your child of these expectations prior to attending Youth Cat.

The first day available for youthcat will be Wednesday, September 6, 2023.

Youth Cat Registration Links:

If you have any concerns, please email Youthcat Coordinator at [email protected].