SCHOOL UNIFORMS – Uniforms are to be purchased through McCarthy Uniforms, 1050 Boundary Road, Burnaby,B.C. Phone:604-205-7555

Uniforms must be in good condition, laundered and remain a suitable fit. Responsibility of correction first rests with the parent, the child and then the teacher.

Girls – Twill one flap culotte (skort), white school crested golf shirt, navy blue school cardigan and navy blue knee socks or navy blue tights.

Boys – Navy blue rugby or twill dress pants, white school crested golf shirt, navy blue school v- necked pullover and navy blue socks.

For Gym – Mesh blue shorts, blue T-shirt with school crest and runners (with non-skid and non- marking soles).

Shoes: Black shoes (with non-skid and non-marking soles) or black runners (with non-skid and non-marking soles). No colour other than white or grey accent can be on the shoes (for example, white or grey soles, white or grey Nike swoosh) and the shoes must be at least 90% black.

Hair: Hair colour is to remain natural in appearance. Students are not permitted to have mohawks or shaved designs in their hair. Hair length for boys is not to go below the top of their shoulders.

Accessories: Girls are allowed black or navy blue hair accessories. Earrings for the students (small studs only) are allowed for the boys and girls. Absolutely no jewelry is allowed during sporting events. Absolutely no nail polish and no make-up. No body piercing, artificial or permanently applied tattoos are to be visible.