The Our Lady of Mercy School (OLM) Parish Education Committee (PEC) is a sub-committee of
the Board of Directors of the Catholic Independent Schools of Vancouver Archdiocese (CISVA).
In collaboration with the Principal Mrs. Grout and Pastor Fr. Hien Nguyen, the duties of the PEC
are to oversee the general operation of the school and carry out the policies of CISVA at the
local level.

All CISVA schools will have a Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct to inform the school community
of expected conduct of parents based on the principles of respect for the rights and dignity of
all persons to promote a safe and respectful environment within the school community.
From time to time, the PEC sees the benefit of a review of a local policy with the parents and
the school community as a whole especially if it is related to safety and well-being of the

Please review the following rules about school parking lot as well as pick up and drop off
guidelines, paying attention to the images and text descriptions. Our main objective is to
reinforce the positive habits you already practice and at the same time refresh the minds of
other parents and guardians as necessary.