Our Lady of Mercy Elementary School is an exciting place to learn and grow for children Kindergarten to 7th grade! The students are why we are here. We believe in teaching the whole child; nurturing and guiding each one to reach his/her potential academically, spiritually, physically and socially. We strive to create an environment where students feel safe, comfortable, and respected.

Our Lady of Mercy is mandated to follow the B.C. Ministry of Education Curriculum. The core academic subjects of language arts (reading and writing), math, social studies and science are all taught from a Christian perspective by dedicated Catholic educators who are B.C. College of Teachers certified professionals. The curriculum is further enriched for all students with specialist who teach French, technology, music, physical education and library skills. Evidence of student work can be seen throughout the hallways and classrooms.

Religion is taught daily in the classroom as God’s truth and guiding plan for our students’ lives. Application of the principles learned occurs at every grade level. At Our Lady of Mercy we believe in putting our Christianity into action – in the classroom, on the playground or wherever we are!

During the school year students participate in an active stewardship program that reflects the theme for the year. This year’s school theme is “Light Our Way”. Students and their families have opportunities to give and serve locally, as well as around the world. World Vision is only one of the opportunities where staff, students and families practice the art of stewardship.

There is no one person or group who can take credit for the success of our school The staff at Our Lady of Mercy is energetic, hard-working and creative. They work together as a team and are constantly sharing and learning. Parents are actively involved and can be seen on the yard, in the classrooms, in the library and in the office. They stand behind all that we do and their support is invaluable. We have an outstanding pastor who plays an active role in school and in shaping the spiritual life of the students.

Our Lady of Mercy is a place that puts a smile on my face as I come to work every day. Our hope is that you will feel the school spirit every time that you walk through our door way.

– Mrs. Neva Grout