We have completed another successful Walkathon campaign. Thank you for everyone’s support and commitment to making this a fun event for your students.

Amounts raised from this event help fund the school’s various projects. These initiatives support students’ learning and overall development. This year, we aim to raise funds for educational sessions on-site and excursions, for various building & maintenance initiatives and replacement of inoperative electronic devices. Your donations from last year allowed the school to complete the improved aesthetics of our classroom doors with artwork and extending the wood chips at the playground to ensure our children’s safety.

Playground wood chip expansion
Classroom door artwork

We are always grateful for your support and generosity. Let’s all work together to achieve this year’s fundraising goal! …Our overall goal this year was $15,000 and we are excited to announce that we have exceeded this goal.

80% of total amounts raised per student will be credited towards the student’s fundraising commitment fee.