Activity Day (June 17, 2022)

Good morning parents! The grade 7’s were inspired by the theme of time travel and this year’s Activity Day is titled: “Stuck in Time”. Students of OLM are welcome to come dressed in their favourite era to celebrate this year’s theme. Each student will have a colour that they will have to have on (t-shirt, bandana, wristband, bracelet, shoes, etc.). The colours will help the grade 7’s organize the teams at their stations. Classroom teachers will be giving the students their colours – Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow.

Some examples of attire students can come in are:

  • 60’s – bell bottoms, peace sign medallions, large glasses
  • 70’s – bell bottoms, patterned shirts, large hair, groovy dance moves
  • 80’s/90’s – bright neon clothes, oversized shirts, bright make up, funky hair, overalls
  • Renaissance – ornate and fancy
  • Prehistoric Time – dino costume or Flinstone’s inspired wear

It will be a noon dismissal this Friday! Rain or shine, we’ll be “Stuck in Time” !

Thanks everyone!

Grade 7 Class

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