Newsletter – 2022 May 11

“Mary is not only the bridge joining us to God; she is more. She is the road that God travelled to reach us. Whenever we look to Mary, we come to believe in love and tenderness. Mary is close, she can hear us, she can help us, she has a heart as great as the heart of God.”

Pope Francis

Parking Lot Safety

Parking at the front of the school is for staff only. There is no parking, drop-off or pick-up at the front door between 7:45am – 3:30pm. If you are coming in to volunteer or to pick up or drop off your child, please make sure to park in the designated area between the church and school. Thank you for your cooperation.

Student Drop Off Procedures

Listed below are procedures that should be followed when dropping your child off at school:
1. Be extremely cautious and patient.
2. Follow directions of playground supervisors on duty. Be respectful of the supervisors.
3. Pull as far forward along the drop off area as possible before stopping your vehicle.
4. Allow room for as many vehicles as possible to pull in behind you.
5. After stopping, be certain it is safe for your child to exit your vehicle on the passenger side only.
6. Say your goodbye’s before your turn to unload. Traffic will move more quickly for everyone.
7. Never leave your vehicle unattended in the Student Drop Off area.
8. Be cautious when driving out of the parking lot and out of the school zone.

Crosswalk Safety

Unfortunately, this year we are very lean on outside supervision parents. Therefore, we want to ensure that parents teach their children crosswalk safety procedures and have a discussion with their children about safety on the school grounds.

No Right Turn on Henley From 3:00pm

Please note that you cannot turn right onto Henley from 10th Avenue from 3:00pm – 6:00pm. Police will issue violation tickets.

List of Important Dates:

May 2022

May 16-19 & 24- 26 Tennis – Grades 1-7
May 18 Mercer Stadium Meet for OLM Track Team
Friday, May 20 School and Office Closed
Monday, May 23 Victoria Day, School and Office Closed
Sunday, May 29 Grade 2 – First Communion
Monday, May 30 An Afternoon of Music with the OLM and STM choirs

June 2022

June 1 and 8 Swangard Track Meet for OLM Track Team
Friday, June 3 Walkathon Noon Dismissal
Friday, June 10 Celebrating Mary 2:00pm Dismissal
Friday, June 17 Activity Day Noon Dismissal
Friday, June 24 Gr. 7 Mass, School Leaving Ceremony, Luncheon and Activity 3:00pm Dismissal
Tuesday, June 28 Last Day of School Noon Dismissal

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