Newsletter – 2021 December 30

As the message of the birth of the Savior, the source of true peace, resounds in the whole world, we continue together to pray for peace. Let us implore God to stir up in the hearts of everyone a yearning for reconciliation.

Pope Francis

Dear Parents,

I hope this email finds you and your family healthy and enjoying time together. Many of you have heard B.C. Education Minister Jennifer Whiteside and Dr. Henry has stated that the school opening in K – 12 education is being delayed to January 10th, in order to give public health and B.C. schools additional time to assess the impact of the omicron variant on communities and schools, and to implement enhanced safety plans to support the safe continuation of in class learning.

The province will not be offering virtual options for students as the plan is to finish the school year with in-person learning. Whiteside acknowledged that parents depend on school being open, but said the goal is to enact plans now to prevent further disruptions and closures late in the school year. She further acknowledged that face-to-face learning is important to the intellectual, social and emotional well-being of every student.

Should you have any questions, please email the office ([email protected]) .

May God bless you and keep you safe. May your guardian angels protect and guide you.

Have a happy and blessed New Year!

Mrs. Grout
Principal, Our Lady of Mercy

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