Newsletter – 2021 November 10

“The world needs Christians who know how to demonstrate the beauty of the Gospel by the way they live; who are weavers of dialogue, models of fraternal life; who bring the sweet fragrance of hospitality and solidarity, who protect and safeguard life.”

-Pope Francis

Cold Weather
As the weather continues to get colder, please send your child I weather appropriate clothing. The children will still be playing outside for recess and lunch.

Toques, scarves, gloves, warm jackets and warm footwear.

Apples for Donation
We were fortunate enough to have been able to get some Organic Red Delicious Apples this past week. They are in boxes in the kitchen and we are just asking for a donation if you are interested in taking some. Please bring your own bag as they are all in boxes.

Funeral Service at the Parish
Please be informed that there will be a funeral service at the church as follows:

  1. Friday, November 12th at 3:30pm

The above service may affect after school pick-up, as there will be more traffic in the parking lot area during those times.

Thank you for your understanding.

Important Dates this month:
Thursday, Nov. 11 Remembrance Day School and Office Closed
Thursday, Nov. 18 Grade 3, 4 & 5 Skating Day
Friday, Nov. 19 CISVA Networking Day No School for Students

Remembrance Day
On Wednesday, November 10th, the students joined together for a virtual assembly to honour the men and women who sacrificed their lives so that we may have peace. I’d like to thank Ms. Boots and Mrs. Ladouceur for preparing the Grades 2 and 6 who filmed beautiful songs as well as the choir who were under their direction and brought tears to our eyes.

Remembrance Day Prayer Intentions
The response is, Lord hear our prayer,
R: Lord hear our prayer

For all those who have died fighting to bring peace and justice to our world, we pray to the Lord: R

For all people whose bodies and spirits have been disfigured by war and terror, may they receive God’s healing touch, we pray to the Lord: R

For all members of the armed forces who are in danger today, may God protect them and bring them home safely, we pray to the Lord: R

For all those who desire freedom from oppression in their lives, especially those living under the Taliban in Afghanistan, we pray to the Lord: R

For the health and safety of everyone, as we continue to battle the effects of Covid 19, and for those healthcare workers who bravely fight to save others on the front-lines, we pray to the Lord: R

For peacemakers and peacekeepers who seek to keep this world secure and free, we pray to the Lord: R

For all who bear the burden and privilege of leadership, may they work towards bringing peace and justice to nations, we pray to the Lord: R

For all of us, called to be instruments of peace. May we have the courage to bring love and light into places where there is hatred and darkness, we pray to the Lord: R

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