Newsletter – 2021 October 15

October is the month of the Rosary. I entrust you all to the heavenly Mother of God. May she accompany you on your way and be of comfort in the trials of life.

Pope Francis

Individual Photo Re-Takes
Lifetouch photos were sent home a couple of weeks ago. Re-take Day is Monday, October 18th for those students who were away on the first photo day or for those who are not satisfied with their original portraits. Please advise your child if you want him/her to get re-takes.

On Monday, the eldest child will be coming home with a book called Equipped. Equipped is a gift from Fr. Hien and Archbishop Miller.

“…It is a guide for how parents can teach their children about the goodness of their sexuality and their core identity as children of God. This booklet helps families to have informed, healthy and engaged conversations about sexuality in a culture where pornography is widespread.”

Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CSB

Masks and Flu Season
As per the BC Center for Disease Control, masks are one of many layers of protection we use to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Wearing a mask should be combined with other important protective measures such as getting both doses of your COVID-19 vaccine, frequent hand washing, and avoiding crowded spaces.

Furthermore, the center requires that masks are to be worn in public indoor spaces by everyone age 5 and older.

Masks are most effective when fitted, worn and handled correctly. They act as a barrier and help
stop the spread of droplets from a person’s mouth and nose when talking, laughing, yelling,
singing, coughing, or sneezing.

As October and November roll around we know that the flu season is around the corner. Masks are also one of the many layers of protections against the flu.

Influenza, also called the flu, is an infection of the upper airway caused by an influenza virus. Every year there is a period of time when there are more outbreaks of the flu. This is called the flu season. The flu season generally occurs during the fall, winter and early spring. Getting sick with the flu can put you at risk of getting other infections. These include viral or bacterial pneumonia, which affects the lungs.

Please refer to the October 1st email regarding the mask announcement from Education Minister Jennifer Whiteside, Dr. Bonnie Henry and the Public Health Communicable Disease Guidance Protocols for K-12 Schools.

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