Welcome to the Parent Participation Registration.

Thank you for wanting to take an active role in your child(s) school. Our Parent participation program is vital to the effective running of our school and its activities. It is required that each participating family completes a minimum of sixty (60) participation hours per school year. In order to maintain a balance of parent participation throughout the year, a minimum of six (6) hours must be completed per month.

OLM has transitioned to the “OnVolunteer” scheduling/tracking software to track all parent participation hours in 2017 onward. Parents who choose to participate in this program will be asked to log into the app prior to the start of the 2017 school year and participation hours will be automatically tracked via this software. Parents will be required to either use their smart phone or the iPad at the school office to clock in and out when completing their participation shifts. If you do not complete participation hours, you will be asked to provide a cheque payable to Our Lady of Mercy School for the period of time in arrears at the end of the school year.

All participating parents, when on duty, must adhere to the OLMS Policy regarding the use of “Cellular Phones” or “Communication/Wireless Devices” in school or on school property.

Please note: We try our best to accommodate various working schedules but cannot guarantee anyone that we will be able to provide a task or time suited to meet all schedules. This is an “OPTIONAL” program therefore, there is no obligation for parents to join, nor, an obligation of the school to meet each person’s schedule.

Please register here