COVID-19 Information

According to the BC Centre for Disease Control, “A new coronavirus is the cause of an outbreak of respiratory infections, now known as COVID-19. We are continually monitoring the situation related to the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) and closely following the federal and provincial health officers – their advice and perspective.

LATEST! March 28 – Letter from Hon. Rob Fleming and Andrea Sinclair
Translations available: French | Chinese | Punjabi

LATEST! March 26 – Letter from Principal Neva Grout to Parents
March 20 – Letter from Principal Neva Grout
March 18 – Letter from Superintendent Deacon Henk Luyten
March 17 – Letter from Hon. Rob Fleming, Minister of Education
March 16 – Memo from Archbishop Michael Miller

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What should we do

According to the Provincial Health Officer, these are the recommended actions for British Columbians:

  • Cleaning your hands regularly
  • Avoiding touching your face,
  • Coughing or sneezing into your elbow sleeve
  • Disposing of tissues appropriately
  • Staying home and away from others if you are sick.Anyone who is concerned they may have been exposed to, or are experiencing symptoms of, COVID-19 should contact their primary care provider, local public health office, or call 811. Translation services for 811 is available in 130 plus languages.

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