Newsletter October 30

All Hallows
Halloween is the night of October 31. The word means “Hallow‟s Eve.” Hallow is the
same word for „holy‟ that we find in the Lord‟s Prayer, and e‟en is a contraction of
„evening‟. The word Halloween itself is a shortened form of “All Hallows Eve,” the
day before All Saints Day. This holiday, properly understood and celebrated with all
of its fun trappings, can be a way for us to deepen our understanding of our faith.
The key to this understanding is close at hand for Catholics who understand the
importance of the communion of saints.
Halloween isn‟t just the way we end October. It is the way we begin November. On
Halloween Night –the holy eve of All Saints‟ Day – we begin the church‟s month to
remember the dead.
Take time to plan more than a costume. Start collecting pictures, letters or other
reminders of relatives or friends who have died. Plan to pray for them.
For more information please check out the following websites:
Dates to Remember
Nov. 3 & 4 Big House – Gr. 4
Nov. 5 Skating – Grades 1, 3, 5, 7
Nov. 8 Spirit Day – Gr. 7
Nov. 10 Remembrance Day Assembly -11:00am
Nov. 11 Remembrance Day – School & Office
Nov. 14 FHC Enrollment Mass
Nov. 26 Teddy Bear Picnic – Kindergarten
For complete information, please see the November
school calendar on our website.
Halloween Family Dance Party
Join us this evening Oct. 30th in the OLM Gym
from 7:00pm – 9:00pm for our Halloween Family
Dance Party!

If you haven’t submitted your form,
it’s not too late. They will accept payment at the

Cost is $5.00 per person. Please note – an
adult must accompany your children. For those
who have already submitted the form and payment,
check in at the front door – your family name will
be on the list at the door.
OLM Grade 7’s Take Leadership Roles
The Grade 7 school year is an exciting time for
Grade 7 students. This is their last year in
elementary school and they are the leaders of the
school. As leaders of the school there is an
expectation that each student is a role model for the
younger students both in their behavior around the
school and as leaders for the school’s outreach
Locally, our school continues to support Covenant
House, local food banks, catholic charities and the
Agape Street Ministry.
Therefore, this Halloween the Grade 7 class will be
undertaking the following initiatives:
– The food and money collected from the Halloween
Fair will go to St. Vincent de Paul.
– We are asking students to bring a bag of candy to
school which will be donated to the Agape Street
Ministry (see attached poster).
Skating Day/Red Colour Day November 5
Grades 1, 3, 5, and 7 have skating on Thursday,
November 5th.

Students in all other grades are
permitted to dress in red as long as they bring a
toonie to school on Thursday. Funds collected will
go towards the Covenant House Christmas
Backpack Program.
The completed walk-a-thon tax receipt information
form that went home yesterday is due this Monday,
November 2nd at 9:00am. Once again we apologize
for the inconvenience.

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