May is a Busy Month

There are numerous field trips this month as well visits from special guests and the tennis program starts up on May 19.  Please see the attached May 2015 Calendar for more information.


Some important dates to remember:


May 4 – 6:   Chancellor Music Festival – OLM Performs on Tuesday & Wednesday (see schedule below)

May 15:  OLM Feast Day – School and Office Closed

May 18:  Victoria Day – School and Office Closed

May 22:  Gr. 7 Confirmation – 7:00pm

May 24:  Gr. 2 First Holy Communion


Chancellor Music Festival

The schedule for the Chancellor Music Festival is listed below.  All are welcome to come listen.  Please ensure you arrive before the start of the session as they do not let people into the gym once the group has started singing.


Grade 1- Tuesday May 5th – 9:30 am session

Grade 2&3- Tuesday May 5th – 9:30 am session

Grade 4&5- Tuesday May 5th-10:30 am session

Grade  6&7- Wednesday May 6th 11:30 am session

School Choir- Wednesday May 6th 9:30 am session


Spring Photos

On Tuesday, May 12th Lifetouch will be doing a “spring photo shoot” at school.  These will be individual photos. A flyer listing several options for poses will be going home at a later date.  If your child is having a spring photo taken, they are asked to wear bright colors, not their OLM uniform.  If your child is not having their picture taken they must come to school in school uniform.


No money is required at the time of the picture taking.  Proofs will be sent home for your viewing and if at that time you wish to purchase a package you can simply fill out the order form and return it with the necessary payment.


Please note if you have more than one child in the school there is the option to have a picture of the siblings together.  The photographer must be notified on the day of the photo session.


Panorama and Grad Photos

The photo proof and order form for the Panorama photo is available at the office;  Mr. Geary has the order forms and photo proofs of the Grad photos.  If you would like to order photos, the order form and payment are due by May 14. Cheques are payable to Lifetouch Canada.  Please note that no late orders will be accepted at the school.  Late orders must be mailed in by the parent and a $10.00 late fee needs to be added to your order.

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